Cash Store Supports Dinosaur Exhibit At The Hogle Zoo

by David Sung

It’s been a “dino-mite” summer for the dinosaur! The blockbuster film, Jurassic World, has hit $1.52 billion in ticket sales worldwide. The skeleton of the biggest winged dinosaur ever found was discovered in China according to recent reports. And visitors have flocked to the Zoorassic Park 2 exhibit at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, which features 16 animatronic dinosaurs from multiple eras.

The prehistoric creatures delight visitors of all ages with their grasping hands and menacing claws that are powered by state-of-the art electronics and air pistons. The interactive exhibit has drawn about 390,000 visitors since it opened on May 1. Among the exhibit’s mighty dinosaurs is the Stegosaurus, which is being sponsored by Cash Store.

The Stegosaurus stood nine feet tall and spanned 30 feet. This three-ton creature whose name means “roofed lizard” had a brain the size of a hot dog. It lived in the late Jurassic period about 155 to 151 million years ago primarily in Western North America. This plant eater is among the most recognizable of dinosaurs because of its distinctive 17 plates made up of bony material that run down its back.

Additional featured dinosaurs that are built to scale include: the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex; the spitting Dilophosaurus; an Edmontonia, a gigantic Brachiosaurus that stood 50 feet tall and weighed as much as six elephants; and the bird-like Citipati.

Dinosaurs roamed the planet for more than 165 million years. Their extinction helps us focus on the situation that threatens certain species today. There are many beloved animals that are on the verge of extinction, including polar bears, African lions, African elephants, radiated tortoises, boreal toads, rhinoceros and orangutans that are also at the Hogle Zoo. By learning about the dinosaurs featured in the zoo display, you can gain a better understanding of previous and current extinction issues and how the Hogle Zoo is protecting wildlife worldwide and in the area.

“It is important because it lets our guests know that extinction is forever and that we all must do all we can so our current species don’t suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs,” said Brad Parkin, Associate Zoo Director in Marketing Services and Corporate Relations.

Zoorassic Park 2 marks the fourth time that the Hogle Zoo has presented this exhibit since 1993. If you’re in the Salt Lake City area or visiting Utah this summer, we encourage you to go see this wonderful exhibit at the zoo, which is located at 2600 E. Sunnyside Avenue in Salt Lake City. The exhibit is free with paid zoo admission or if you have a valid zoo membership. Cash Store also encourages others to consider making a donation toward the Hogle Zoo to supports its more than 800 animals as well as wild animals across the globe.

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