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Just fill in the blanks in the Cash Store title loan calculator to see how much cash you can get today. A Cash Store title loan not only gives you fast cash for unexpected expenses - it also lets you enjoy uninterrupted use of your car while you repay the loan.

Title Loans
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Congratulations, you are eligible for the maximum allowable loan amount available in your state.

Congratulations, you are eligible for the maximum allowable loan amount available in your state.


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We are unable to calculate an estimated loan amount on your vehicle. To get an estimate call us @ 1-888-950-2274 or submit a request on our Contact Us page.
Title Loan Calculator
*This estimate reflects the maximum amount you could be approved for based solely on the income and the state entered above. Actual approval amounts will be determined in-store based on the documentation you provide and additional criteria. On approved credit, loan terms and availability may vary by location.



Please be as accurate as possible when making your selections in the title loans calculator. The more accurate your selections are the more accurate your loan estimate will be. Vehicles in better physical condition will also garner higher loan amounts. All vehicles will undergo a cursory inspection by a Cash Store representative. Finally, all loan amounts are subject to review during the loan application process.


How to use the Title Loans Calculator

  1. Select the model year of your vehicle.


  2. Select the make (the car company) of your vehicle.


  3. Select the model (the brand) of your vehicle.


  4. Select the series of your vehicle.


  5. Select the body style of your vehicle.


  6. Select from one of the 7 states that Cash Store is located. After selecting a state, a code will appear.


  7. Enter the code in the blank field and click on the Calculate button. Afterwards, you will receive your title loan estimate.
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