Title Loans up to $25,000* at the Cash Store

New Title Loan product now available in New Mexico with a lower interest rate and smaller payments.

Title loans are a great lending option that allow you to get up to $25,000* fast. Through car title loans you can quickly get the money you need in a pinch by borrowing against the value of your vehicle. The only requirements are that you own your vehicle with a free and clear title – meaning you have paid it off, have a valid driver’s license, and proof of income (required in Illinois). Best of all, you get to keep and drive your car while you pay back the loan! That’s how title loans work. You’ve been responsible in buying your car or truck, and now you can put your asset to work for you.

Because we use your vehicle as collateral, you can get a title loan from the Cash Store even if you have bad credit. The loan amount is determined by the equity value of your vehicle, and your repayment schedule is a series of convenient payments (which may vary by state). Start your application online now. Then visit your nearest Cash Store location and have your money in hand today.

Fast Title Loans


Get your title loan in 3 easy steps:

To complete your application bring in:

  • Your vehicle and title.
  • Your valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of income, if you live in Illinois.

Our title loans are available in:

What customers are saying about our title loans

"The service was all I felt it should be with no hoops to jump through that might seem unnecessary. The greatest positive aspect to my transaction had to be the person who walked me through the process (Cheri). Things have been very difficult of late which prompted my need for an auto title loan and my spirits were quite down in the dumps when I went in to perform the transaction. Cheri was very kind and pleasant. She made the transaction as smooth as possible, and afterwards I felt a renewed sense of hope. The loan gave me a bit of breathing room when I had felt like there was a huge weight on my chest. I was very surprised and grateful to have had such a great experience." - Rolando L., Caldwell, ID


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Title cash loans are a form of “secured loan", which simply means an asset – your car or truck – is pledged by you as collateral for the loan. You can use our handy title loan calculator to figure out about how much you can borrow against your vehicle. Title loans from the Cash Store provide a quick and convenient option to get a substantial amount of money, instead of the long and complicated process of applying for a bank loan. If you have a paid off car or truck, and you need cash today, click the “Apply Now” button above and get started right away.


**In Texas, the Cash Store is a Credit Services Organization and all cash loans are made by a non-affiliated third-party lender.

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