10 Ways to Save This Earth Day

by David Sung

Earth Day began in 1970 by founder Senator Gaylord Nelson and organizer Denis Hayes. After witnessing the ravages of a massive oil spill on the land of Santa Barbara, California, Nelson and Hayes took advantage of the current social and political conversations surrounding the Vietnam War and Civil Rights. Earth Day was created to draw national attention to government and business practices that threatened wildlife, the land, and drinking water.

By 1990, Earth Day had gone international and now more than 141 countries participate in the cause. Every year on April 22, everyone can participate in trying to make the world a cleaner and safer place. Here are a few ways you can help save the world while saving money at the same time.

Purchase an E-reader or take part in your local library. The more people who use less paper, the fewer trees that will have to be needlessly cut down. Though e-readers may not seem like an investment at the time, purchasing a book through an e-reader can result in a savings of 50 percent or more because publishers don’t have to physically publish the book. If you can’t afford an e-reader, then go to your local library for free books.

Start recycling. Nowadays, it is common for people to recycle their plastics, glass and paper. Yet, these recyclables can always be reused by you. Turn milk jugs into water jugs, newspaper into coloring paper and glass bottles into candle holders.

Skip the bottled water. Bottled water can be convenient at the time, but billions of empty water bottles fill landfills every year. Instead, purchase a reusable water bottle and just simply refill it when needed. Not only are you saving the earth, but you are also saving money because skipping the bottled water section can save you over $300 a year.

Purchase reusable shopping bags. Shopping bags are just as bad as bottled water and take up room in landfills. When your local grocery store offers cheap reusable bags take advantage. They also make great lunch bags.

Use Energy Efficient Light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs, like their name suggests, use energy more efficiently and aren’t wasteful. Therefore, not only do they put less strain on the earth, but also will last longer and save you money on your electric bills.

Ride a bicycle. Do you often drive up the street to the gas station, a friend’s house, or to your local grocery store? Take your bicycle. This will result in less smog, and gas fumes plus you won’t waste so much gas.

Carpool. This is suggested every year and it makes a huge difference and the same benefits apply when you use a bicycle.

Plant tall trees- This is an ongoing project and with Arbor Day just around the corner, it is important that you plant a few trees every year. The more trees in an area means less CO2 in the air. You may be asking what the benefit of this is to you, though. If you choose to buy saplings that will one day grow tall, then a well-positioned tree in your yard can help shield your home from the sun during the summer. That means you’ll save on air conditioning.

Donate clothes. Every turn of the season, clean out your closet and donate gently used clothing to a local shelter. You’ll get a tax break every tax season and fewer materials will have to be used to make new clothes for the rest of the world.

Conscious Laundry. When you do laundry, only run the washer and dryer when they are full that way less water and energy is wasted every time, and it will save you money on your bills.

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