2013 Community Response Program Continues with Wisconsin Historical Society Partnership

by David Sung

February marks the beginning of our new relationship with the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS).  We recently became a corporate sponsor of WHS, one of the oldest, most active societies in the United States.  Established in 1846, the group’s mission is to maintain and support the continuing education of North American history with a strong emphasis in Wisconsin.

WHS is based in Madison, which is also where Cash Store has a location. WHS boasts the largest library and archive system dedicated to North American History. And its newspaper collection is only rivaled by the Library of Congress.

By supporting the initiatives of the WHS, we hope to ensure that Wisconsin residents continue to benefit from WHS’ rich history and knowledge base. There are more than 35 Cash Store locations in Wisconsin.  With a presence in so many communities, we are proud to contribute to the preservation of the state’s history, which is a valuable investment not only for Wisconsin residents but any visitor.

We would like to encourage Wisconsin residents and travelers to make the Wisconsin Historical Society a must-visit place in America. There is an array of exhibits and programs year round that are sure to impress even the non-history majors. Visit the Wisconsin Historical Society website for information.

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