7 Financial Education Videos

by David Sung

Digging through all of the financial blogs and compiling information can be overwhelming with so many great resources out there. So we created a list of some short, yet helpful financial education videos. From child financial literacy to living debt free, we’ve covered a little bit of everything. Want to see a video of a specific topic? Leave it in the comments and we’ll do the digging so you can stick to watching and taking notes.

How to Responsibly Finance Your College Education

If you’re planning for college for yourself or someone else, knowing how to pay for it should be at the top of your list.

Financial Literacy in College

Do you know the interest on your student loan? How about your credit score? Even as a full time student, these questions are important and impact your financial health. This enlightening video by iGrad shows what the average student knows about financial literacy.

Dollars & Sense: What If Kids Had All The Money?

What does a world where kids have all the money look like? H&R Block takes the viewer on an interesting journey to encourage financial literacy at an early age.

Money Advice to Newlyweds

Preparing for newlywed bliss? Don’t let financial woes put unnecessary stress on your marriage. These sidewalk interviews by Millionaire Corner reveal that planning ahead and communicating are actionable goals for a successful financial partnership.

#1 Financial Mistake to Avoid

Payday – it either comes too quickly or not fast enough. When it finally arrives, bills typically take priority, leaving savings goals or even fun money short on funds. David Bach of Go BankingRates delivers a strategy for how you can break down your paycheck each month to meet your financial obligations and plan for your future.

Secrets to Earning More in 2013

Farnoosh Taorbi of Yahoo! Finance says 2013 is the year for career advancement. Even with the fluctuating unemployment numbers, salaries are expected to grow especially in expanding sectors. What’s the number one way to increase your salary? Look for new opportunities. If your current employer is not open to a raise, re-open your job search.

How Much Should I Invest In My Business

Business owners of any size have to answer this difficult question all the time. Ramit Sethi provides insight on how to answer investment questions and still increase your bottom line.

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