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Affordable Last-Minute, DIY Halloween Ideas

by David Sung

Costumes are a Halloween tradition. You don’t want to be the only person not dressed up at the party because you may end up getting quite the ribbing. Coming up with costume ideas can be difficult. Additionally, when you go to shop for costumes, whether online or in a store, you’ll likely be shocked at the prices. Halloween costumes can come with a big price tag.  If you’re fretting because you still don’t have a Halloween costume or Halloween plans, don’t worry because we’ve come up with some great last-minute ideas that won’t break the bank.

Reusing and Costume Swapping

People do buy the expensive costumes; otherwise, they wouldn’t be so expensive. Most people keep their old Halloween costumes from previous years. Reusing old costumes is a great way to save money on Halloween. Coordinate with friends to swap old Halloween costumes. Even with a small group of friends you can easily go several years before having to purchase a brand new costume.

Getting Creative with Household Items

Making your own costume can be a lot of fun, and whether or not it turns out the way you planned, a custom costume will always be a great conversation piece. Common homemade costumes include a robot, a mummy, and a ghost. You can find instructions online, or for added fun – create it on your own! We also suggest checking out your local thrift store, as many inexpensive items could be potential pieces for a Halloween costume.

Last-Minute Halloween Party Plan  

When you are younger, the plan for Halloween night consisted of dressing up and walking from door to door collecting as much free candy as possible. As we get older, our Halloween night plans begin to change.  Now Halloween is less about the free candy and more about getting together with friends. If Halloween is approaching, you can still organize a quick and fun party at home for very little money.

If you decide to throw a party, get close friends to co-host and any expenses could be divided. To also reduce costs and make things less hectic, you should consider having a potluck at the party. Guests can bring their favorite foods.

If you follow the directions and suggestions in this post, you should have a fun, exciting, and inexpensive Halloween. Remember to be safe and have fun this Halloween.

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