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The Best Black Friday Deals of 2013

by David Sung

Black Friday has long been one of the major shopping days in America, falling on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday marks the beginning of the official Christmas countdown. This makes Black Friday one of the busiest, if not the busiest, day of the year as customers begin their serious holiday shopping. The “black” in Black Friday refers to retailers having enough sales to put them “in the black” on this day, moving from red, which indicates a loss, to black which indicates profit. Retailers typically feature deep discounts to entice more shoppers to visit that day.

We’ve all heard Black Friday horror stories such as unruly crowds. Every news channel seems to cover the day, and just picturing yourself in the middle of the chaos is exhausting. But is it worth it? It all depends on what you seek. With Black Friday falling between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, it can be difficult to determine which days are the best to find discounts on specific products.

This year, you should focus your Black Friday shopping efforts on electronics. Black Friday deals on high-end electronic products beat both Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day. Based on data and sales prices from previous years, retailers are predicted to hold the biggest sales of the year on TVs, laptops, tablets and kitchen appliances on Black Friday.


HTDVs have been one of the most popular Black Friday sale items. You can usually expect to find great prices on HDTVs during Black Friday, but 3D TVs are not typically part of the deal. This year, DealNews.com predicts the prices of 3D TV to be around or even below the price of non-3D TVs.


Black Friday is the best time to shop for deals on both high-tech and basic kitchenware and appliances. The past two Black Fridays have beat both Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday for the best deals on kitchenware, with more deals on small appliances, cutlery, and other kitchen items. Keep an eye out for sales on small kitchen appliances such as toasters and mixers, as Black Friday usually boasts the best sales on these items.

Videogame Consoles and Games

If you’re looking for the best video game deals, it is best to start hunting early this year because the end of Black Friday marks the end of great deals for games and consoles. Last year, Deal News listed 46 video game sales that began on Thanksgiving, but those dropped off significantly in the days following Black Friday. This year also features the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, which will undoubtedly ramp up the video game shopping crush. If these items are on your list, Black Friday may be the best time for you to snag the deals you desire.

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