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How to See Cheap Local Sports in Dallas, Texas

by Cash Store Staff

Cheap Sports in Dallas

Are you living in the Dallas, Texas area, or planning on making a visit soon? You’re in luck! Dallas is a bustling city that has something to offer for almost every sports fan. Whether you love dunks, kicks, slap-shots, or tackles – Dallas is the perfect spot to catch a game and have some fun.

Any time you’re in the metroplex, you’ll always have plenty of athletic event options, regardless of the time of year. However, getting ahold of tickets can get pricey, making it difficult to catch a game in person without breaking the bank.Fortunately, there are a couple of tricks you can use to watch local sports in Dallas for cheap — professional, collegiate, amateur, or otherwise. Check out our top tips below so that you can get your peanuts and crackerjacks!

Special Promotions

One of the easiest and most obvious way of saving money at sporting events is to simply look into the teams’ promotions throughout the year. These special rates could apply to anything from ticket prices to discounts on food and drinks during a game — something that can definitely save you a sizable amount of dough.

Probably the most popular among these are discounts for students, children, seniors, or military service members (active or retired). Most teams even offer specials for concessions on certain days of the week. It’s just a matter of finding out if the team you want to see has any promotions going on, which you can almost always see listed near the game schedule on their website.

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Ticket Websites and Apps

Back in the old days, if you wanted to buy tickets to a game, ticket buys had to be made at the ticket window or from a scalper outside the event. But now we live in the age of technology and finding the best seats at the lowest prices has never been easier. Thanks to the various ticket websites and apps that sell directly from venues and third parties, you can search for, compare, and purchase tickets from your home or on the go in a matter of minutes.

Our favorite versions of these apps are Gametime and StubHub – which give you great pricing options on the go, right from your smartphone. The apps allow you to quickly scan through an entire venue’s seating charts to check out available tickets – and they sometimes even provide photos taken from the seats, so you’ll know exactly what your view will be like. Plus, each ticket is verified by the venue, so you won’t have to worry about buying seats in a section that doesn’t even exist.

In most cases, tickets available through these outlets are posted by people hoping to sell of them for some reason, often because they can’t attend. This results in a wide range of prices – and sometimes you can even find field-side tickets at lower prices than the nosebleeds.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for the best value and don’t mind rolling the dice, try waiting until the night before/day of the game to purchase tickets. As game time draws closer, ticket holders typically drop their prices as they become more desperate to cash in their tickets. Despite what your parents taught you growing up, sometimes waiting to the last minute pays off!

Soccer Fans

Minor League and Other Professional Teams

Dallas offers professional teams in all the major sports leagues, including MLB (Mavericks), MLS (FC Dallas), NHL (Stars), and NFL (Cowboys). While these are typically the go-to games for many, you can also catch exciting games with several minor league teams around the metroplex, such as:

These are all pro-level teams and, depending on the game, you could even get to watch up-and-coming stars as they work their way through the minors before getting called up to the big leagues. Either way, you can watch professional sports and athletes for very low prices.

If you are looking for some budget-friendly ways of catching games in Dallas, there are a ton of options that can help you have a great time without breaking the bank. From planning ahead with discounts to grabbing last-minute deals from third party sellers – a sporting spectacle doesn’t mean you have to pay a spectacular price.

And don’t forget! If you’d like more helpful tips on saving money, budgeting, travel, and gift ideas, be sure to check out more on the Cash Store blog.


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