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Cash Store Community Partnership: Dash for the Beads

by Joy O.


At Cash Store, we think it’s important to give back. That’s why we partner with charities around the country to support local initiatives that give back to the communities we serve. In 2017, Cash Store partnered with more than 84 charities, fundraisers, and events.

One of our charity partners is the Good Space Dash for the Beads, an annual race in Dallas, Texas that includes a 5k and 10k run, one-mile walk, costume contest, and Mardi Gras festival. Since DASH was founded in 2009, the race has raised money for Oak Cliff organizations each year.

All money raised through Dash for the Beads goes to programs that align with their mission statement: “The Dash for the Beads improves the mental, physical, and emotional health of Oak Cliff youth by providing grant funds to area schools and nonprofits offering physical fitness, healthy eating, and arts programming.”

Taking action in the community is imperative to making change, and Dash for the Beads is dedicated to seven action steps to create a healthier community in Oak Cliff:

  1. Use a coordinated approach to develop, implement, and evaluate healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices.
  2. Establish school environments that support healthy eating and physical activity.
  3. Provide quality food programs.
  4. Implement a comprehensive physical activity program with quality physical education as the cornerstone.
  5. Implement health education that provides students with knowledge, attitudes, skills, and experiences needed for lifelong healthy eating and physical activity.
  6. Provide students with health, mental health, social services activity, and related chronic disease prevention.
  7. Partner with families and community members in the development and implementation of healthy eating and physical activities, policies, practices, and programs.

The 2018 Dash for the Beads took place on February 10 and was a huge success! Here are a few quick stats from this year's race:


  • There were 1,500 runners who participated in the 2018 Dash for the Beads
  • More than 2,000 participated in the event in some capacity, including the race, festival, and vendor tables.
  • Dash for the Beads raised $40,000 in donations for local schools and organizations who align with their mission.

If you would like to participate in the 2019 Dash for the Beads, visit their website to register today.

Source: Dash for the Beads

Cash Store is proud to partner with organizations who are making a difference. If you are an organization or event team that needs funding to support your community goals, visit our sponsorships page for more information. We would love to help.

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