Fitness and Finance

David Sung | October 15, 2013

Getting fit and in shape doesn't have to be expensive. You don’t necessarily need costly gym memberships, fancy foods, in-home equipment and more. There are just as many inexpensive ways to whip yourself into shape without breaking the bank.

Fitness bands continue to make waves in both the technology and fitness worlds. Part future, part pedometer, these devices can sync with your personal computer to upload metrics such as calories burned throughout the day. This type of instantaneous reporting encourages people to set new personal records, naturally making you more active throughout the day. With some encouragement, you very well could forgo a gym membership if you push yourself to make the most of your fitness band.

There are also many great apps for your phone to help push you. If you need motivation to get moving, there are several apps that function as a pedometer, and as you rack up miles the app will donate to charities on your behalf, allowing you to help great organizations and get in shape. Other apps, such as the Nike training app, will help you track your workouts while also offering exercises based on your goals, effectively putting a trainer in your pocket.

For those that do need the extra push of being at a gym and around other people, saving on your gym membership costs is possible as well. If you work at a large company, they may offer incentives or pick up the tab if you join a gym or health club. Get in touch with your benefits coordinator or human resources department to find out. Many health insurance companies will also help you defer the cost of a membership, as a healthy you likely saves them money. Contact your representative to find out what your insurer offers.

Along the same lines as a health insurance provider wanting you to be healthier, it also benefits you! Committing to fitness will dramatically lower your chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Not only will staving off these conditions save you money on doctor visits and prescriptions, but you will also greatly improve your quality of life, which is something you can’t put a price tag on.

There is also a link to improved gas mileage after losing a substantial amount of weight. Not surprisingly, dropping dramatic weight will lower the overall weight of your vehicle, reducing the amount of gasoline needed to maintain speeds.  You may also be more motivated to ride your bike around town instead of taking your car, further reducing fuel costs.

Do you have another great way to get fit and save money? Leave a comment and let us know!  

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