5 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

David Sung | July 29, 2015

We might be sweating in the summer heat, but we’re certainly not sweating over the cost of gas this summer. Summer gas prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2009 across the United States except in California. This is good news for most of us who are trying to make plans for a last-minute road trip or travel to a destination with family before school starts.

The outlook for gas prices gets better. Consumers will continue to enjoy low gas prices for a few more months. The average price is anticipated to be $2.67 per gallon through September.

The low gas prices are great news especially if you’re planning to drive to your vacation spot. What if you could gain additional savings by lowering the amount of gas you use? Here are tips on how to get better gas mileage:

  • Stick to the speed limit. Gas mileage typically decreases at a fast rate at speeds above 50mph. In fact, you can expect to spend an additional 17 to 35 cents for each 5mph that you drive over 50mph, according to the US Department of Energy.
  • Inflate your tires regularly. The US Department of Energy states that gas mileage can be improved by as much as 3.3% if your tires are inflated at the right pressure.
  • Avoid adding cargo on your roof. This can create wind resistance and increase gas usage.
  • Keep your car in good condition. For instance, a dirty air filter in an older car can increase gas usage by nearly 10%, which is equivalent to an extra $350 per year.
  • Lighten the load in your trunk. For every 100 pounds of weight in your car, you reduce gas mileage by up to 2%

We hope these tips will help with your travel costs and save you money at the pump, which you can save or spend on your summer vacation!

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