The Forgotten Pet Advocates Helps Needy Animals

by David Sung

Cash Store sponsors Houston non-profit group that gives a voice to animals in need

“Sugar,” a six-month old pit bull mix, was on a busy freeway in Houston in January when she was hit by a truck. A Good Samaritan saw the incident and picked up Sugar, who was bleeding and unable to use her legs. The Good Samaritan reached out to the community to help Sugar.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates, a nonprofit group, took Sugar in and got her the veterinary care that she needed. Sugar underwent two surgeries. Now, Sugar is recovering and is under the care of a foster mom.

Sugar is one of many animals that have received help from The Forgotten Pet Advocates, a Houston-based organization that supports animal welfare and provides a voice to animals that have nobody advocating for them.

“There is a quote that isn’t mine that I use: 'Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal,’” said Marlene Marino, the founder of The Forgotten Pet Advocates. “We just take one at a time. And we do what we can when we can. If everybody would do a little, then a lot would get done.”'

This quote guides Marlene and her nonprofit as they care for animals such as the three adorable, little pug mixes that were found huddled together in a wooded area not far from where their mother, “Sarah,” was hit by a car in Houston in February. Marlene took Sarah to get emergency veterinary care. But unfortunately, Sarah didn’t survive her injuries. The nonprofit is currently accepting donations that will benefit Sarah’s three puppies.

To help provide for some of the organization’s needs, Cash Store recently became a sponsor of The Forgotten Pet Advocates. There are ways that you can also help The Forgotten Pet Advocates, including:

  • Contribute props such as tiny cowboy hats that will be used on nine adorable pups that will be up for adoption on March 13, 2015. The cowboy hats will be used as props when The Forgotten Pet Advocates takes photos of the pups. The pups were born a few days after their mother Georgia was found near a boarding kennel. Georgia will also be ready for adoption.
  • Make donations to help cover the costs of veterinary care and training expenses.
  • Contribute toys and treats that The Forgotten Pet Advocates will distribute to the animals they advocate for in local boarding facilities.
  • A fundraiser will be held for “Itchiban,” who has been in a kennel for more than six years. The fundraiser will help with the costs of sending Itchiban to an in-home trainer.

Visit the nonprofit’s website to make a donation or fill out an application to volunteer. Or, if you want to send toys and treats, then please ship them to the following address:

The Forgotten Pet Advocates
P.O. Box 3037
Pearland, TX, 77588

With your help, as well as assistance from the community, we can all make a difference in the lives of animals.  

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