Help with the Shelf: 20+ Ideas for Your Elf

by Cash Store Staff

Looking for some help with your shelf? We put together a list of easy, budget-friendly and entertaining ideas to make this year's elf experience a breeze!



  • Elf Moves: move the elf to another perch in the same room or a new room
  • Letter from Santa: have the elf bring back a letter from Santa
  • Reading: use a favorite book you already own
  • Elf Reporting: have your elf writing a letter or typing an email to Santa with an update on the kid(s)
  • Shoe Train: arrange a couple of pairs of shoes in a line (like a train), place the elf in the first shoe, and add other toys to the remaining shoes as desired
  • Shower: wrap your elf in a small hand towel or paper towel in the restroom
  • Coloring: display the elf coloring on paper or in a coloring book you already own
  • Sick Day: stick your elf in a tissue box surrounded by some “used” tissues and medicine
  • Rolling in Toilet Paper: take your elf to the bathroom and unroll some extra toilet paper around the room
  • Drawing: get creative – your elf can draw on fruit, picture frames, something old, something cleanable etc.



  • Snowball Fight: by some marshmallows or cotton balls and arrange a snowball fight with other toys
  • Candy Message: use a package of small candies to spell “BE GOOD”
  • Ziplining: you’ll need some tinsel, tape, and candy canes for this one but it sets up a very cute scene
  • Playing Cards: grab a new set of cards (standard, go fish, old made, etc.) and set up your elf with some friends to play
  • Cocoa Party: pour some marshmallows in a mug around your elf and set out hot cocoa mix for everyone
  • Puzzling: grab a holiday puzzle and spend some quality time working on it after your elf drops it off or substitute with another board game if there’s one you’ve had your eye on
  • Snow Angels: pour out some flour or sugar and leave snow angels or messages from your elf
  • Attacked by Bows: buy some extra gift bows and stick them everywhere
  • Movie Night: have your elf drop off some popcorn for a movie night
  • Wrapped Lunch: stick some bows on your little one’s lunchbox or wrap it in holiday paper
  • Baking: place cookie dough on a baking sheet along with your elf in the oven (not on of course!)
  • Behavior Chart: it may take some extra supplies (clothes pins, markers, and construction paper), but the elf can move the clothes pin between extra nice – naughty depending on the child’s behavior



  • Reading: have your elf bring over some of his/her favorite holiday books
  • Cocoa Party: along with cocoa and marshmallow have your elf bring a special new mug for your little one(s)
  • Movie Night: have your elf bring all the makings for a movie night (soda, candy, popcorn, and a new movie or rental)

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