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How to Find Cheap Flights to Salt Lake City, Utah

by James S.

If you’re ever flown into Salt Lake City, you’ve probably noticed how expensive the fare can be. Most everyone agrees that a flight to SLC Airport is among the priciest in the United States, no matter where you’re coming from.

Regardless, scores of people choose to fly into Utah’s capital city annually, taking advantage of the many things the area offers. If you plan on visiting Salt Lake City in the future, you’re in the right place.

Below, I’ll show you some tips for how to find the lowest prices on flights, hopefully saving you plenty of cash when the time comes to book.

Book Far in Advance

While it’s true that booking last minute can sometimes get you a good deal (since airlines often drop prices to fill remaining seats,) planning your trip to SLC months in advance will usually get you the best rates.

Try this rule: If you’re planning a trip for the fall, book it in the spring — and vice versa.

Booking far in advance can sometimes be a worrisome, because life happens, and you may have to cancel. Fortunately, you can purchase travel insurance for a small fee and get a refund should you have to change your plans.

Book Flights on Weekdays

Hotels are often cheaper when you stay on weekdays. The same is true for most flights. Weekends are busier times for airlines, so if you book a flight a flight for a weekday, you can save some money. Try to schedule your departures Monday through Thursday for the best result.

Fly Out of a Different Airport

If you are looking up flights to SLC, and the prices are still out of your range, search for an airport within driving distance of your hometown.

For example, if you live in a somewhat large city, but there’s a bigger city three to four hours away, the flights to SLC may be significantly cheaper if you fly from the larger city.

You’ll obviously have to pay for gas and overnight parking at the airport, but the savings will still be worth it — especially if you are flying with your family.

Many people in the western U.S. choose to fly into Denver International Airport, and then make the eight hour drive directly across the Rocky Mountains and into Salt Lake City. This is a great way to save on airfare and work an amazing drive into your trip.

Use Special Fares and Deals on Travel Sites

While there are definitely a ton of options for finding great deals on trips, one of the best continues to be sites such as HotWire, which allow access to special fares where the exact flight time and airline aren’t revealed until after you book. You can still choose your preferred day and departure time, but the final decision resides with the site.

If you have some flexibility in your travel preferences, you can find some incredible discounts, while still getting a solid flight with a major brand.

Aside from HotWire, other good sites to use are:


As always, if you’d like more financial planning and budgeting tips, feel free to visit the Cash Store Blog.

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