How to Help West, Texas

by David Sung

We’re saddened by the devastation from the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. But in the wake of the incident, it has been truly amazing and heartwarming to see the outpouring of support for the West community. Below is a list we have compiled of how you can donate time, money or resources toward relief efforts as well as a list of shelters available for those who have been displaced.

Though this list is long, it does not cover the extensive and continual flow of generosity from fellow Texans and Americans. We greatly appreciate all the volunteers, first responders, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and others that are helping out in the aftermath of incident.

Hospitals and organizations helping those injured

• Injured residents were admitted to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. If you’re trying to look for a loved one, then call the medical center at (254) 202-1100.

• American Red Cross is taking blood donations at your local donation center.

Organizations that are donating food and clothing to those displaced

• Peas & Tots is accepting clothing donations in all sizes at 1411 North Valley Mills Drive in Waco. Please call (254) 732-1453

• Smarty Pants is accepting clothing donations in all sizes at 5301 Bosque Boulevard in Waco. Please call (254) 751-0211

Salvation Army- donate food and water to one of their four emergency disaster kitchens • Extract Events Center- Please call (254) 776-1660. The center is collecting donations beginning today.

• Axtell High School- The school is accepting all kinds of donations. The school is located at 308 Ottawa Street in Axtell. Please call (254) 863-5301.

Shelters around West, TX available for those displaced

• Aquilla ISD- please report to the gym entrance at 404 Richards in Aquilla, TX. Please call (254) 694-3770.

• First Baptist Church of Lott- located at 518 E. Gassaway in Lott. Please call (254) 829-2321. • Blair’s Cove Apartments – located at 2425 S. 21st Street. Please call (254) 447-0810.

• Latham Springs Baptist Camp- located at Private Road 223 in Aquilla.

• Abbott - please report to the gym entrance at 219 South 1st Street in Abbott. Please call (254) 582-3011.

• Valley Mills Nursing Home – for displaced nursing home residents at 101 W. Avenue East in Valley, Mills. Please call 254-932-6288 254-932-6288.

• First Baptist Church of Gholson- located at 228 Wildcat Circle in Waco. Please call (254) 829-2321.

• Gholson ISD- located at 137 Hamilton Drive in Waco. Please call (254) 829-1528.

• Brazos Meadows Baptist Church- located at 625 S. Hewitt Drive in Hewitt. Please call (254) 666-7314.

• Sykora Family Ford- located at 519 S. George Kacir Drive in West. Please call (254) 826-5314.

• Town Hall Estates in Hillsboro- located at 300 Happy Lane in Hillsboro. Please call (254) 582-8482.

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