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COVID-19: We’re Staying Open as an Essential Service

by Cash Store Staff

Our store managers have a special relationship with our customers and vice versa, which is why we wanted to share this update with you. As non-essential businesses have shut down, our team members have continued to come to work during this national emergency to help support the people in our communities. Although we are still working, we’re also taking every precaution to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy.

Financial institutions are essential.

Cash Store is a financial institution, which is defined as an essential business in the Executive Orders that many states have issued. That puts our employees in the “frontline workers” category, which includes people who work at grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, manufacturing plants, and more. Our customers rely on us to be there for them during everyday life, and even more so now in these uncertain times. We are proud to keep our doors open for the people who need us.

If it was easy, everybody would do it.

But we’re not everybody. It takes an extraordinary person to be able to stand up and continue to fulfill their responsibilities to the community in times when others can’t. We come to work in support of other Americans who have been laid off, forced to work reduced hours, or restricted to staying home from work without pay. These are the people who need us the most right now, and it is our job to be here for them.

A few weeks ago, we may not have compared grocery store clerks and gas station attendants to healthcare providers and first responders, but COVID-19 has forced us to reconsider what’s essential. A hard truth is that you still need to pay for necessities, and we are glad to be able to supplement our customers’ reduced income in this time of need. We are here to help.

We are still here for you.

We know you care about your local store managers that have become a part of your life. If you miss seeing your favorite Cash Store team member because you’re quarantined at home, you can reach out by giving them a quick call to say hello. You could even send a thank-you card to your local Cash Store staff to let them know that you appreciate their essential hard work and are thinking of them. Just rest assured that everyone here at Cash Store is committed to serving you, our customers, and we can still safely do that at our stores. This is the way that we can take care of each other. Thank you for your support.

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