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The Road-trippers Guide to Southern BBQ

by David Sung

Nearly every state in the South likes to claim that they have the best BBQ. If you’re visiting any of these southern states, you typically have to take their word for it. But what if you could embark on a trip to visit all of the top Southern BBQ spots to decide which state deserves the title of “King of the Pit?” Our experts have taken two slices of Americana   road trips and finger-licking BBQ – and compiled a guide of the best BBQ restaurants throughout the South, all while keeping the trip budget-friendly. We’ve identified the top BBQ joints in each state by scouring and compiling the top review sites across the web. The end result is an easy-to-read guide of the best BBQ in each state, hopefully eliminating potential bad meals and debates over which BBQ restaurants are the best. The guide also includes price groupings, allowing you to pinch or splurge at your discretion. As part of the journey, we’ve kept tabs on travel costs. We provide estimated gas expenses if you decide to travel by car. We’ve also included bus fares if you decide to take the bus. The entire trip clocks in at just less than 1,500 miles. Of course, there’s more to this roadtrip than meat and highways. We’ve highlighted some budget-friendly landmarks and events, each with its own type of local flavor and tradition to give you a sense of the experience each state has to offer. As you travel from state to state tasting the local flavor of BBQ, remember to enjoy your time with family or friends as you make memories that will last a lifetime.

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