Save Money on Your Fourth of July Party

by David Sung

The Fourth of July is a celebration of our nation’s independence, and a popular time to gather friends and family to celebrate the occasion with food, fireworks, and fun. These celebrations can quickly get expensive, and while you can’t put a price on memories, it’s always important to not break the bank in the process. Use these tips as you plan your Fourth of July parties.

Save on Entertainment

Entertaining guests is important, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Be creative and create things that your guests, and most importantly, the kids can enjoy while the adults socialize. Create a Fourth of July background for a dress-up photo  shoot made with a cardboard box,  or create a craft area for children so they can create flags using popsicle sticks, construction paper and other décor. And never discount the power of those old board games in the closet for the adults.

Save on Decorations

Decorating your home for the celebration doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll be surprised at what you can find at your local dollar store. Visit those and other discount stores to stock up on holiday decorations for this year and the following years. If you rotate between hosting Fourth of July parties with others, consider asking the previous host if they have decorations you can borrow.

Save on Food

It’s easy to underestimate how much people can eat, especially once kids get involved. While we would all like to serve up the best BBQ, it can quickly get expensive to provide all of your own meats, not to mention you’d spend the whole party standing over a grill. Consider having a potluck, as most people have no issues bringing their own dishes if they know everyone else will be chipping in as well. If you’re the type who likes to grill, ask people to provide their own meats for you to grill. They’ll be grateful to have the food they enjoy without the work.

Save on Seating

Most Independence Day parties are anchored by the local community’s fireworks show. These can, thankfully, be long shows, and ones you need to grab a chair for. Don’t feel as if you’re required to offer chairs for everyone.  Encourage people to bring their own lawn chairs if they’d like to enjoy the show sitting down.  This saves you money on providing seating, and avoids clutter in your garage or other storage area after the party.

We hope these tips let you save money while hosting a memorable  Fourth of July party that is complete with dazzling fireworks. Celebrating our independence as a country can be fun and affordable.  

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