7 Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Cats and Dogs

by Vanessa Trevino

When we’re planning for Halloween, we can’t forget about our furry friends and their Halloween costumes. Some of our pets don’t mind dressing up, even if they’re a little fidgety at first. I’ve dressed up my cat Rocky before and he will usually wear his costume for about an hour before he starts yanking at it.

While it’s more convenient to buy a costume for your cat or dog at the store, you can get creative and save money by crafting your own DIY pet costume! Below are some inexpensive costume ideas that use items you probably already have at home. If not, you can easily pick them up at your local craft store or dollar store. Some of the basic materials that you’ll need include: an old white t-shirt, gently used black t-shirt, red children’s size shirt, felt, cotton gauze, and white fabric paint.

Mummy Dog:

Use a large roll of cotton gauze and wrap the material around your pup’s legs, torso and head. Leave an open space around his or her face and backside to avoid any messy problems along your trick-or-treating route. Get ready for your mummy dog to “pet”-trify others!

"E.T." Dog:

This is an easy costume. Wrap your dog in a white blanket, allowing their face to stick out. If you have a bike with a basket, put your furry friend in there to complete the “E.T.” look, which will be reminiscent of the movie scene where E.T. rides in the basket of a bike and flies in the sky with the moon as the backdrop.


Everybody loves an underdog! First, go to your local craft store to buy a strip of Velcro, a white or yellow piece of felt, and a half-yard of blue fabric. Cut out the letter ‘U” from the piece of felt. Then, glue the letter to the front side of a red child-size shirt. Make any other adjustments to the red shirt so that it will fit your dog comfortably. Then, glue the Velcro strip near the top side of the red shirt. Finally, attach one end of the blue cape to the Velcro strip and you now have an underdog you can count on to save the day!

"Pet for President" Wagon:

This idea is purr-fect for those cats or dogs who don’t like wearing costumes—especially if they’ll be in a Halloween pet parade or with you while trick-or-treating. Dig out your little red wagon (if you don’t have one, see if you can borrow one from a neighbor with kids), then decorate the wagon with red, white and blue streamers and a small American flag that can be taped to the outside of the wagon. The streamers and American flag can be purchased inexpensively at the dollar store. You can also make a small sign that announces your pet for president for an additional touch. Your adorable pet and wagon will surely earn some votes!

Cat-Turned-Skunk Costume: Get an old black shirt and some white fabric paint. Then, paint a thick white stripe on the backside of the shirt. After the white paint has dried, cut out the sleeves and use safety pins to fit the shirt to your cat.

Martini Glass Cat or Dog:

It’s known as the “cone of shame,” the plastic cone that dogs and cats have to sometimes wear after certain veterinary treatments or procedures. But turn that “cone of shame” into a walking martini glass! You’ll need some plastic cocktail picks, which can be bought at the dollar store. Next, get a large cotton ball and paint it green to resemble an olive. Stick the cotton ball at one end of a cocktail pick. You may need to dab a little bit of glue under one side of the cotton ball so it can stick to the end of the pick. Then, tape the cocktail pick to the rim of the cone. You can also get a yellow piece of felt from the craft store. Cut out a piece of felt in the shape of a lemon slice and then make a small slit in the middle. Finally, attach the slice to the cone near the pick, and viola—a cat-ini!

"Spidey" Cat:

This time of year, most local craft or dollar stores will sell black plastic spider web decorations. You can also turn this decoration into a super easy and quick costume for your cat. Buy a large spider web decoration and then use scissors to cut a large enough hole in the middle to fit around your cat’s head. These plastic decorations are usually flimsy and have soft edges, so they won’t harm your cat. Then, stick your cat’s head through the spider web and now you have a “spidey-cat!”

These DIY pet costumes can easily be put together at the last minute. Plus, you can personalize them to suite your pet’s personality. Remember -- safety first. Make sure the costume you create doesn’t restrict your pet’s breathing, hearing or vision. Also, make sure that the costume doesn’t restrict their movement in any way. Hope you and your pets have a spooktacular Halloween!

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