Six Back To School Lunch Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

by Vanessa Trevino

Lunch is one of the most important times of the day for our children during school. It gives them the opportunity to socialize with friends and also re-fuel with the energy they need to finish the second half of the day. Here are six back-to-school lunch ideas for the new school year that will fill your child’s stomach, leave the other kids at the table jealous, and won’t empty your bank account.

  • Peanut Butter Banana Tortilla Wraps: The great thing about this lunch meal is that you can buy an inexpensive bag of tortillas that can be used over the course of a week. Spread peanut butter on a tortilla add some banana slices and then roll it up.

  • Kabobs: You can make a variety of kakobs such as ham kabobs and fruit kabobs, which are fun for kids to eat. For ham kabobs, alternate pieces of cubed ham, cube cheese and pineapple. For fruit kabobs, try grapes, pineapples, and blueberries on toothpicks, which are fruits that kids like. To help cut down on costs of fruit, buy fruit that is in-season.

  • Strawberry and cream cheese sandwich: Children can easily get bored with tuna sandwiches or ham sandwiches. They’ll enjoy this sweet, healthy sandwich that is simple to make. Spread low-fat cream cheese on bread slices and add sliced strawberries to this sandwich.

  • Yogurt and hummus: It’s cheaper to buy food such as yogurt and hummus and divide it up throughout the week instead of purchasing individual items such as a cup of yogurt. Buy a container of yogurt and put some into a reusable container that your child can use throughout the week. You can pair the yogurt with apple slices. Hummus is also a healthy snack that can be eaten over lunch. Buy a container of hummus and put a couple of spoonfuls into a reusable container. Slice up a cucumber so your child can dip the cucumber into the hummus.

  • Ants on a log: This lunch-time snack consists of celery sticks with peanut butter inside. Then, stick raisins on the peanut butter for a nutritious treat.

  • Turkey and cheese roll-ups: Skip the bread on this low-cost lunch. Simply roll up turkey meat in cheese slices. A side of hummus and cucumbers can be served with it as well.

These are just a few of our ideas, and you may have some more yourself! We encourage you to experiment with any of these meals and the ingredients involved to create the perfect lunch for your child.

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