Spring Break Deals: Have Fun in the Sun for Cheap

by David Sung

Spring Break is all about fun in the sun, but unfortunately it can come with a high price tag. High prices can deter us from rewarding ourselves that relaxation we need to regain that drive to push forward in school, the office, or at home. There are many great Spring Break getaways that can re-charge your batteries without breaking the bank.


A staycation is simply a break from the doldrums within your own home. This doesn’t mean getting chores done, or just watching TV. It’s an entire commitment to unwind and take a break from the normal routine within your own four walls. This means putting an “Out of the Office” message on your e-mail, letting the mailbox pile up, and maybe even stashing away all of your clocks. Catch up on the latest books without checking the time, or try that new recipe enough times until you have it perfect. A staycation should leave you feeling just as relaxed as a real vacation would, but without the bill.

Theme and Amusement Parks

If you live near a big city, there are likely many great amusement parks within reasonable driving distance. Many parks now have different attractions to give you plenty to do over several days such as rides, laser tag, and water parks. With all parks have to offer, you can have a mini-vacation not far from home. Find a unique hotel nearby to complete the experience, and relax in a way you can’t while you’re at home.


While taking a break for yourself is always a welcome reprieve, sometimes putting others first is the best way to take a break from stress and re-charge. You won’t have to look far to find volunteer opportunities in your own community. Groups like the United Way and non-profit organizations are always on the lookout for people to help their initiatives and give to those in need.

VolunteerMatch.com is a great resource for finding people and groups in need of a helping hand. While you may find yourself doing hard work, you’ll be amazed at how your stress melts away and gain a greater appreciation that you’re in a position to help, instead of vice versa.

Don’t let your spring break come and go without enjoying it. If you have more ideas for a great low-cost spring break vacation, post a comment and let us know!

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