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Top Cheap Hamburger Joints in Nampa, ID

by Travis L.

Who doesn’t love a good burger? When visiting a new town, it can sometimes be hard to locate a solid burger place that isn’t busy chasing new trends or offering dressed up burgers for three times the price of what they should be. Fortunately, if you’re in Nampa, Idaho, you have a lot of exceptional burger joints to choose from, each offering its own personality, style, and tastes – and all for just a few bucks.

Below, you’ll find plenty of great burger spots in Nampa where you can get a memorable meal for cheap. 

Boise Fry

Boise Fry Company

This is Idaho after all, so it’s no surprise there’s a restaurant seemingly devoted to the state’s most famous crop: potatoes. Boise Fry Company also happens to have some great burgers, and the entire menu is surprisingly fair-priced. 

Sticking with those fries for a moment. You actually have a massive amount of options when it comes to your fry order, with six different varieties available (such as russet, gold, and purple,) and your choice of five different cuts. 

The burger options range from simple and traditional, to more gourmet selections like The Heat, which uses a combination of seasonal berry compote and habaneros to kick things up quite a few notches. Most of the combo meals are under $10, and their menu is intentionally small, with only burgers, fries, and a few salads. Looking to change it up? Go with a bison, turkey, or even vegan burger patty instead. 

Boise Fry Company also has a great upstairs patio, a laid-back vibe, and one of the best happy hours in town. 

Nampa Burger Joints

Blazen Burgers

 Although the name might make it sound like this place specializes in spicy burgers, Blazen Burgers’ name is really just a reference to its owner’s nickname. While that might be a bit of a letdown to some, these burgers are anything but. Blazen Burgers is all about simplicity, with a focus on ingredients and preparation. 

Everything here is made fresh, something that nearly every restaurant says, but few can actually back up. You can definitely taste the difference when eating here, and you’ll walk away feeling like you got a lot more than you paid for. 

All the burgers are under $5 and come with at least two toppings included, such as bacon, ham, grilled onions, avocado, and even pineapple. Want to add fries and a drink? That raises your total to a mere $7.49, and the same is true if you opt for a chicken sandwich or a signature hot dog. Other non-burger options include jumbo prawns, chicken strips, and even halibut strips – certainly a menu choice you don’t see every day. 

Burnt Lemon Grill

Burnt Lemon Grill

Burnt Lemon Grill is another unique Nampa burger spot that offers its fare at modest price points. This place has an expansive menu of comfort foods and takes a keen interest in lemonade-based drinks, which can be frozen or on ice. Aside from the usual lemonade, you can get huckleberry, watermelon, tangerine, and raspberry versions, just to name a few. 

Anyway, about those burgers. Burnt Lemon Grill offers the best of both worlds, with classics like the bacon cheeseburger or Plain Jane, and more adventurous burgers such as the Belly Buster, which has three patties, pastrami, onion rings, and a ton of other toppings. If you keep things on the simpler side, expect to pay under $8 for a burger and fries. 

There’s also an entire menu of chicken, flatbread sandwiches, BBQ items, and even street tacos. Whatever you go with, it’s not going to clean out your wallet. 

Frugals Burgs


With a name like Frugals, this place is practically begging to be included on the list. Unlike Blazen Burgers, Frugals’ name most certainly references its offerings – mainly their prices. 

Frugals is a drive-thru only, regional burger chain found only in the northwest part of the country, and their Nampa location is a local favorite. Each Frugals building has a classic throwback look, with shiny sheet metal forged into a 50s aesthetic that was the norm for many burger joints back then. 

The Frugals menu isn’t all that adventurous, but in this case, it’s a good thing. Familiar flat, grill-style burgers made to order, with a handful of toppings available. Their trademark Frugal Burger is only $2.49, and their ¼ pound mushroom swiss burger will only set you back $3.99. Other options include fish and chicken sandwiches, and none of the combos go over $8. If you only have time for a drive-thru, or just want a fantastic burger made fast, Frugals is worthy of your five to seven minutes. 

Main St Burger

Main Street Burger

Main Street Burger is actually located in Meridian just outside of Nampa, but many pass right by it on the way into Nampa when driving down I-84. This is a no-frills, classic burger spot that also has a drive-thru if you don’t feel like going in. The menu here is on the simple side as expected, but they do throw in a few specialty burgers, including the Five Alarm and Western Bacon. 

Everything is made to order, the place is very clean, and the prices are probably a little below what they could be. A single burger with cheese will run you $4.25, and you can add fries and a 16-ounce soda for an additional $2.75. The small menu also offers steak fingers, a hot dog basket, and chicken strips if you or anyone else is craving other classic burger joint fare. Like every traditional burger place, Main Street Burger offers chocolate and vanilla shakes for $3.25. Stop by this gem on your way into Nampa if you can. You won’t regret it. 


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