Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill This Summer

David Sung | April 24, 2013

With summer just right around the corner for some states, many homeowners have been on the hunt for the right way to save money on their electric bills. What can sometimes stand in the way of saving money throughout the long, hot summer is the fact that many people erroneously believe that saving money means a sweaty summer. This isn’t true. Homeowners can reduce their bills and stay cool in the sun at the same time.

  • Check the hot water tank- Coming out of winter, homeowners can forget that they might have turned up their hot water. Now is a great time to turn it down a few degrees and save your hot water heater the energy. Besides, you’ll want to take a cold shower on most days during the summer.
  • Avoid using the stove and oven- Have a barbecue and make salads instead. Turning on the stove and oven uses expensive electricity and in some homes, can make the house hotter, which forces the A/C to work harder. Instead, cook outside and take advantage of seasonal food.
  • Open up the house-During the day when there is a cool breeze, open the windows, install screen doors (to keep out the bugs) and turn on the fans. Cool breezes can travel through the home and help keep the overall temperature down. Windows can even be kept open at night, which means some homeowners can go a whole month without once turning on their air conditioner.
  • Purchase low-flow showerheads- Low-flow showerheads prevent the waste of water. During the summer, some parts of the U.S. may have to endure droughts and homeowners may need to do their part to conserve water. These showerheads cannot only help you save on your water bill, but it can also help you save the earth.
  • Circulate the air- Many times when homeowners leave their home, they often keep the air conditioning on at a cool temperature. Instead of wasting precious money and electricity, make sure you change your A/C setting to simply just circulate the air that is inside. This will keep the air from getting hot and stale and will be a serious money saver.
  • Change Thermostats- With the invention of smart thermostats, many homeowners have luxuriated in the feel of not having to constantly worry about turning the A/C up or down all day long. Instead, smart thermostats can remember your daily routine and your specific preferences, meaning that when you leave your home the thermostat will automatically change to your preferred settings. By the time you return, your home will be back to its perfect temperature.

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