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Why You Should Make Plans to Participate in a Holiday Run this Season

by Cash Store Staff


When you think of the holiday season, all the delicious food might be top of mind. On the flip side - what about a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Jog? At Cash Store, we’re advocates of both delicious treats and getting active during the holiday season.

Decadent holiday lunches and dinners have been a popular tradition for many decades. However, as people become more health conscious, holiday fun runs have increased in popularity and continue to multiply across the nation.

Where Did Holiday Runs Get Started?

The first recorded Turkey Trot was in Buffalo, New York and the trend has grown significantly since 1896. Henry A. Allison surely didn’t know he would be recorded in history as the first winner of a Turkey Trot when he completed the race over 120 years ago.

Alarmingly, women weren’t always included in holiday runs. It wasn’t until 1972 that the oldest running Turkey Trot allowed women to participate. Mary Ann Bolles was the first to enter and placed 142nd out of the 169 finishers.

However, what once was only for a select group of people is now an affair for the entire family and something families look forward to every year.

While Thanksgiving is the most popular day to run a race, according to Running USA, many other festive runs are popping up. The Turkey Trot has inspired the creation of the Jingle Bell Jog, Reindeer Run, and many more.

Why Do People Participate in Holiday Runs?

Some holiday runs kick off during the early morning hours to get your holiday started on a healthier note. For other runs that take place during the day, exercise can be just what you need for a quick boost when your energy levels are lacking after a heavy meal. After all, you need energy to play with all the rambunctious kids, wash the seemingly endless dishes, and clean the entire house after guests leave.

Another good reason to run? You just consumed a shocking number of calories in a short time period. You can burn off some of those extra calories by getting active while still having fun.


If there is ever a time that reminds you to be thankful for your health and family, it’s the holiday season. You will feel good incorporating a healthy activity into an otherwise not so healthy day. Rest easy that evening knowing that you did your body a favor.

Besides physical health, there are financial benefits for being active. Consider participating in a holiday run with your family in lieu of gifting each other more “stuff.” Experiences and memories always have a lasting impact. Plus, no one wants to spend money on medications or surgeries that could be prevented with a healthy, active lifestyle. Studies continually show that inactivity and many diseases are interlinked and you can improve your odds with exercise. Small steps and changes can add up to significant improvements in your well-being, and it’s never too early to start. Choose to set a good example for your family by moving this holiday!

Cash Store Encourages Participation in Holiday Fun Runs

We love the togetherness that fitness cultivates in communities. This season, plan to join friends and family and attend a holiday run. There are plenty of runs throughout the nation! We have sponsored many runs in the Texas area to show our support and hope to see you out there.

Enjoy the delicious food, but also make it a priority to run around with your kids, friends, community members, and play! Tell us how you are getting active this holiday season.



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