How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made in any Cash Store, online through our customer portal, or by automatic withdrawal from your checking account. Please see our store locator for store locations and hours.

How does autopay work?

Autopay allows you to set up recurring, automatic payments from your checking account. To sign up for autopay, you can call 1-888-950-2274 to speak with a Cash Store representative or contact your local Cash Store.

I forgot my email address and/or password. How can I sign into my account?

If you remember your email address but have simply forgotten your password, please visit the reset password portal to complete the process to get back into your Cash Store account. If you are unable to gain access for any other reason, please call us at 888-950-2274 to speak with a Cash Store representative.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email after making my payment online. How do I know the payment was received?

Please call 888-950-2274 to speak with a Cash Store representative who will be able to look up your account details.

Can I change my payment method online?

Your account will allow you to add or update a debit card payment method. If you need assistance with your payments, please visit your nearest Cash Store location.

Once I made my payment online, can I cancel it?

Once your payment has been processed online, the transaction cannot be canceled. If you have any further questions about a payment, call 888-950-2274 to speak with a Cash Store representative.

I can't make my loan payment on time. What are my options?

If you cannot make your loan payment on time, please call 1-888-950-2274 to speak with a Cash Store representative.

How long does it take for my payment to be credited to my loan?

Your loan will be credited for the paid amount immediately. Depending on your banking service, it may take up to 3-7 days for the withdrawal to be reflected in your banking account.

I’ve had a loan with the Cash Store before, can I apply for a new loan online?

If you have paid off a loan with the Cash Store in the last 90 days you can take out a new loan online through our customer portal. Please click here or visit www.cashstore.com/login. If you have paid off a loan with the Cash Store more than 90 days ago, you can take out a new loan in-store at any Cash Store location. Click here to see our store locator for store locations and hours.

How do I refinance my loan?

You may be eligible to refinance and sometimes lower your payments just by paying the outstanding interest and fees of your loan. Paying lower amounts and lowering payments depends on how much principal has been paid down on the loan. Visit your nearest Cash Store or call 888-950-2274 to speak with a Cash Store representative. You can also refinance online through the customer portal, please click here or visit www.cashstore.com/login.

How can I make a payment if I am unable to come into a store?

As always, you can make your payment by mailing a cashier’s check or money order to your local Cash Store so that it’s received on or before the due date. Customers are now able to make online payments through our customer portal. If you have given us payment authorization, you will have any outstanding payment amount transferred from your account at the close of business. Customers in Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Idaho, and Wisconsin can also make a payment by phone using a debit card. Call the Cash Store nearest you for details.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your customer profile, login into your account, and select My Account on the side menu. Click the edit button under Personal Information to make changes. You can also contact customer service at 1-888-950 or your local Cash store.

Where can I find my payment history and loan schedule?

You can view your payment history and loan schedule under My Account.

Where can I see or download my loan agreements?

If you need to access your loan agreement documents, please contact your local Cash store.

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