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The Cash Store’s installment loan or cash advance services make it easy to get the cash you need—fast! Installment loans enable you to get the cash you need by making a number of small convenient payments over a longer loan payback term, while cash advances (also called payday loans) are short-term loans for quick cash. Both options offer a good way to get the cash you need to cover monthly credit cards, car, mortgage or other debt payments. And unlike with banking or other finance lenders, there is no credit history or credit score required, so it’s quick and easy to get your installment loan or cash advance—today!
You could apply and qualify for an amount of up to $3,000* cash with an installment loan or cash advance from the Cash Store. Want to know how much cash you could take home today? See our online cash advance calculator to find out! Plus, right here on our website, you can apply using our online loan application form. It’s fast, easy and free! At the Cash Store, we value your privacy and security—which is why no credit history is required, we use your individual income to determine your final cash loan amount. For more information on loan options in your state, contact your local Cash Store location and visit with one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff.
Due to several factors—including state requirements and final approved loan amount—the total cost (including rates and related fees) of cash advances and installment loans varies. At the Cash Store, you’ll always enjoy fair and competitive loan terms, high approval rates, and an experienced team committed to protecting your personal privacy. Quite simply, we’re here to work with you to find the cash loan service and payment options that fit your exact needs!
At the Cash Store, we know that your time is valuable. That’s why we make our cash advance and installment loan application process as fast and easy as possible! To get started, simply fill out our free secure online loan application form. Then, once your application is submitted, just head over to your nearest Cash Store location, where your personal information will be securely reserved on file. At the store, you’ll quickly complete the loan application process. Within minutes, you’ll be walking away with your cash in hand!
With a bank or other type of finance lending company, it can take days or even a week or more to complete the loan process. However, with installment loans and cash advances from the Cash Store, you can get the money you need—today! To get the loan application process started, simply fill out our free secure online loan application form to establish an account with us. As a first-time customer, you can typically open an account and receive the amount we have reserved for you in 20 minutes or less. Once you have established an account history, future Cash Store loans can be completed in 5 minutes or less!
At the Cash Store, your personal privacy and security are our top priority. And you never have to worry because credit history is never required! However, to qualify for installment loans or cash advance loans, there are several criteria you must meet. Upon completing the online loan application form, you must bring proof of income (such as a recent paycheck stub), a valid driver’s license or other state-issued ID, and proof of an active personal checking account (including a personal check from this bank account) with you when you come in to pick up your cash.
Your take-home or net pay is the actual amount of money deposited into your bank account after standard deductions are withdrawn from your paycheck, such as taxes, medical insurance, Social Security, 401(k), etc. Regardless of your payday frequency—weekly, monthly or something in between—your check stub will show these deductions and list your final payday amount.
Your Checking Account Number is located at the bottom of your personal check. It’s the set of digits to the right of your nine-digit Bank Routing Number. Your Account Number may also be listed on your monthly bank statement—although today, many banks list only the last few digits of your Account Number for security purposes. If you have any questions, you can also contact a representative at your bank.
If you have additional questions—that haven’t been sufficiently answered here—please call 1-888-950-2274 1-888-950-2274 to speak with one of our experienced managers at the Cash Store location nearest you.
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