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Riverton, UT Cash Advances and Title Loans

Loan Options in Riverton, UT Loan Limit*
Cash Advance/Installment Loans $3,000
Title Loans $20,000
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3673 W 13400 S Ste D, Riverton, UT 84065

Phone: (801) 446-7756

Store Hours: 10-6 M-F, 10-2 Sat

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Half of a mile south from Riverton Hospital along S 3600 W.

Public Transit:

No public transportation available.

Driving Directions:

From Interstate 15, take exit 291 for 12300 S. Head west on W 12300 S for about a mile when W 12300 S turn into W 12600 S. Continue on W 12600 S for 2 miles to Bangerter Highway. Take a left onto Bangerter Highway and head south for 1 mile. Turn left onto W 13400 S and head east for a quarter of a mile. The Cash Store will be on your right in a strip mall, next to Great Clips, T Mobile and Pizza Plus.

Additional details on Riverton, Utah

The city of Riverton, Utah is situated about 12 miles southwest of Salt Lake City at the southern tip of the Salt Lake Valley. The city is made up of nearly 13 square miles and has a population just under 39,000 residents. For several years, Riverton was in a constant state of change as its borders were always being realigned with its neighboring towns. Finally in 2000, as the last of its neighbors set their borders and officially incorporated, Riverton was finally given a solid boundary.

In its early years, Riverton began as a simple settlement of scattered homes. Growth in the area was hard to come by due to a lack of fresh water. Over time, three canals were constructed, and as the fresh water began to flow into the Riverton area, so did the number of settlers. As more and more people came, businesses followed as well and the city also became an important agricultural center. Riverton’s growth continues to this very day. It is known as one of the fastest growing cities in all of Utah and one of the state’s best places to live. In 2005, CNN Money Magazine listed Riverton, UT as the 60th best place to live in the entire country.
Riverton, UT Facts
Estimated Population 38,753
Population Change Since 2000 56.05%
Number of Households 10,460
Median Age 28
Median Home Price $227,600.00
Median Rent $1,077.00
Average Electric Bill $58.76
Average Phone Bill $25.00
Riverton, UT Activites
Riverton Arts Festival FREE
Movies in the Park FREE
Riverton Town Days Event
Chuch Wagon Breakfast - Adults $3.00
Chuch Wagon Breakfast- Children $2.00
Riverton Rodeo - Cost per person $7.00
Riverton Rodeo - 3 yrs and under FREE
Car Show FREE
Jazz Band Concert FREE
City of Fun Carnival - 1 ticket $1.50
City of Fun Carnival - 10 tickets $12.00
City of Fun Carnival - 20 tickets $20.00
City of Fun Carnival - All day wrist bands $25.00
Riverton Country Mile 10k, 5K, 1 Mile Run- Registration Fee $15.00
Riverton Country Mile 10k, 5K, 1 Mile Run- Day of the race Registration Fee $20.00
Riverton Rampage Demolition Derby - General Admission $10.00 per person
Riverton Rampage Demolition Derby - 3 yrs and under FREE
Riverton, UT Sporting Event Costs
Riverton Pitch, Hit, and Run FREE
Riverton Smart Sports Programs $25.00
Adult Sand Volleyball $200.00 per team
Riverton has Sole Walking Program - Individual $10.00
Riverton has Sole Walking Program - Family $40.00


*Subject to loan approval. Vehicle is subject to evaluation for title loans and auto equity loans.

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