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Cash Store Staff | October 8, 2019
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At the Cash Store, we take pride in offering our customers an easy way to obtain several . With that said, if you’re a current or past customer of the Cash Store, we have a great way for you to help spread the word to others about what we provide and secure yourself a nice reward for doing so.

Want to make a quick $100? It’s simple if you’re a Cash Store customer — all you have to do is refer a new customer. You heard that right! If a new customer mentions your name as a referral when approved for a loan of $100 or more, we’ll send you $100 as a way of saying thanks. That’s it!

It gets better: There is no limit to referrals.

This means that every time you send a new customer our way, and they get approved for a loan, we’ll cut you a check for $100 and mail it directly to your home. You can keep doing so, as often as you’d like.

How it Works

To obtain your $100 referral, all you have to do is tell your family member, friend, or co-worker about Cash Store. When they come in and complete the loan process for a loan of $100 or more, and mention your name as their referral, we’ll immediately write up a reward check of $100, and drop it in the mail.

How to Get Started

There are several different ways you can get the word out and accumulate potential referrals.

  • One of the easiest methods is to hand out Cash Store referral cards to anyone you think may be interested. With this card in hand, your referral has an easy way to ensure your name makes it onto your future check after they are approved for a loan. Ask us for some cards next time you come in — we’ll be happy to provide some!
  • You can also call or text any friends or family members who may be in need of a quick and easy loan.
  • If you’d really like to expand your area of possible referrals, sharing our loan services on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is definitely one of the best methods to reach a wide range of people with minimal effort.

The Rules

Before you get started making referrals, a quick reminder of the rules:

  • The referral must be a new customer of the Cash Store
  • Their approved loan must be at least $100
  • The referral must have a separate checking account from yours, even if it’s a spouse or family member

For more helpful tips on saving money, budgeting, and travel recommendations, be sure to check out more from the .

*Referral Program: Subject to change without notice. Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/promotion. Offer not available to employees and former employees of the Cash Store, including their spouses and family members. Must have taken out at least one loan through the Cash Store, eligibility begins the next business day after the first advance. Account must be in good standing. In WI, program is open to any resident whether or not an existing or former customer.

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