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Cash Advance/Installment Loans $3,000
Title Loans $20,000

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641 Hurst St Ste B, Center, TX 75935

Phone: (936) 591-0200

Store Hours: 10-6 M-F, 10-2 Sat

Get Directions


1 mile north of the Shelby Regional Medical Center. 2 miles north of downtown Center, TX..

Public Transit:

No public transit available.

Driving Directions:

From the Shelby Regional Medical Center, head north on Hurst Street for 1 mile. The Cash Store will be on your left next to the Chevy dealership and just south of the Jeep dealership.

More about Center, TX

Originally called White Cottage, the city of Center, Texas got its name changed to “Center” after it was awarded the county seat of Shelby County, Texas. The main reason that White Cottage was chosen was because it was closer to the geographical center of the county than the previous county seat. History tells us that even after the vote to move the county seat was ratified, citizens of the old county seat, Shelbyville, TX refused to give up the county records. A group of men had to raid the Shelbyville courthouse, steal the county records, and deliver them to the new county seat of Center, TX.

With a population of 5,193, Center is, by most standards, a small town. But if great things truly come in small packages, then Center is an example of something small with lots of great things about it. For example, visitors can stop by the Shelby County Museum, which showcases the history of Shelby County and historical events such as the Center fire of 1900. The town is also host to the annual What-A-Melon festival, which is a three-day event featuring a carnival, live music, watermelon carving contest and the Largest Watermelon Contest. There’s also the East Texas Poultry Festival, which features plenty of chickens, chicken inspired food, a parade and arts and crafts. Finally, there is Center’s newest event, the Go Hog Wild Cook-Off, where teams compete to create the most delicious pork dishes for cash prizes.

Center, TX Facts
Population of Center, Texas 5,193
Area 6.2 Square Miles
Number of Households 1,860
Median Age 34 yrs old
Average Household Income $37,397.00
Center, TX Living Costs
Average Home Cost $110,750.00
Average Apartment Rent - 1 Bedroom $562.00
Average Apartment Rent - 2 Bedrooms $706.00
Average Electric Bill $110.20
Average Phone Bill $26.51
Center, TX Activities Costs
Shelby County Museum Free
The Day Lily Farm Free
What-A-Melon Festival Free
Center Municipal Airport Fly In Free
Go Hog Wild Cook Off Free
East Texas Poultry Festival Free

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