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101 E Upshur Ave, Gladewater, TX 75647

Phone: (903) 844-1335

Store Hours: 10-6 M-F, 10-2 Sat

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Less than a quarter of a mile west of City Hall.

Public Transit:

No public transportation available.

Driving Directions:

From City Hall, head west on Upshur Avenue for approximately a quarter of a mile. The Cash Store will be on your right at the intersection of Upshur Avenue and Main Street across the street from Subway and the Gladewater Flower Shop.

More information on Gladewater, Texas

Gladewater, Texas was founded by the Texas and Pacific Railway Company in 1873 as a stop along its railroad. At the time of its inception, Gladewater was unique because it was the only town in the vicinity to have a mail stop. Local legend says the town got its name from Glade Creek, a nearby stream located in an area called the Glades. Gladewater was initially incorporated in 1874, but that incorporation dissolved in 1878. The townspeople decided to re-incorporate and reorganize the city government in 1931 after Gladewater experienced a period of tremendous growth following the discovery of oil in East Texas. In 1930, Gladewater had a population of 500. By the end of the decade, there were over 8,000 people living in the city.

Visit Gladewater today and you can see that its population has declined slightly to 6,228 from its heydays in the 1930’s. Other things of note for Gladewater include, the city serving as home base for Elvis Presley during the early part of his career and being the setting for Johnny Cash to compose his famous song, “I Walk The Line”. Gladewater is also known as the Antique Capital of East Texas with its Main Street downtown antique district. The city also hosts the annual East Texas Gusher Days festival. This event features a chili cook off, car show, and a wrestling exhibition. Other annual events of note in the city include the Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo in June and the Arts and Crafts Festival in September.
Gladewater, TX Facts
Population 6,441
Area 12.1 Square Miles
Year of Incorporation 1931
Number of Households 2,394
Average Age 35 Yrs Old
Unemployment Rate 6.20%
Average Household Income $37,794.00
Gladewater, TX Living Costs
Average Home Price $113,300.00
Average Rent - 1 Bedroom $497.00
Average Rent - 2 Bedrooms $594.00
Average Electricity Bill $111.78
Average Phone Bill $27.30
Gladewater, TX Activities Costs
The Gladewater Museum Free
East Texas Gusher Days Free
Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo - Class A Seats $14.00
Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo - Class B Seats $12.00
Gladewater Arts and Crafts Festival Free
Gladewater Christmas Parade Free
Gladewater, TX Sporting Event Costs
Gladewater High School Football - Adult Advance Tickets $5.00
Gladewater High School Football - Student Advance Tickets $3.00
Gladewater High School Football - Tickets at the Gate $7.00

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