What Types of Jobs are Available at Loan Companies?

JUAN P. | June 3, 2024

While the job market is looking pretty good these days, with 175,000 new jobs added in April across the United States, there are still a lot of people out there looking for their next opportunity. One area that is lucrative for many is within the loan industry. The fact is that people take out loans every day, and there are a lot of workers that need to review those applications, fund loans, and do everything in between.

These roles are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of loan companies. In this article, we’ll look at some of the available jobs to be on the lookout for. Who knows, perhaps a job in the loan industry is your next opportunity?

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What Do Loan Companies Do?

Loan companies help people and businesses get the money they need for big purchases, managing money, or growing their business. There are different types of loan companies, and each one offers different services.

  • Commercial Banks: These are the common banks we see around us that offer a variety of services, including loans for personal use, buying a car, or getting a house. They work with everyone, from individuals to big companies, and follow strict rules to ensure they operate safely and fairly.
  • Credit Unions: These are like banks but are owned by those who use their services, not investors. They usually have lower fees and interest rates because they're not trying to make a profit. Credit unions offer loans and other financial help, focusing on helping their community and teaching their members about money.
  • Online Lenders: These are newer and operate on the internet. They make getting a loan quick and easy because everything is done online. They offer various loans, like personal loans, and are known for fast service and good interest rates.

Loan companies are important because they make it possible for people and businesses to access the money they need to buy things, cover costs, or expand. Whether through a big bank, a community-focused credit union, or a fast online lender, these companies enable people to achieve their financial goals.

Lower-Level Jobs at Loan Companies

If you're interested in starting a career in the loan industry, several entry-level positions could be a great fit. These roles are essential for the day-to-day operations of loan companies. Let’s take a look at some common positions you might consider, especially early in your career.

Loan Officer

  • Job responsibilities: A loan officer reviews loan applications and decides whether to approve them. They examine the details applicants provide to determine whether they qualify for a loan.
  • Required qualifications and skills: Loan officers typically need a high school diploma, but some companies prefer a college degree. Important skills include good judgment, the ability to analyze financial information, and strong communication skills to explain their decisions to customers.

Customer Service Representative

  • Job responsibilities: Customer service representatives help customers by answering their questions and guiding them through the loan application process. They are the main point of contact for customers looking for help.
  • Necessary interpersonal and communication skills: This job requires excellent communication skills, patience, and a friendly attitude because you'll interact with many people daily.


  • Job responsibilities: Underwriters assess and analyze the risks involved in loan applications. They use both computer algorithms and manual processes to decide if an application is safe to approve.
  • Skills in risk assessment and analysis: Underwriters must be detail-oriented and good at analyzing data. They must understand how to evaluate financial risks and decide based on that analysis.

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Higher Level Company Careers

As you advance in your career or seek out new challenges, loan companies offer a range of higher-level positions that are super important in steering the company’s direction and ensuring efficient operations. Here are a few key roles you might consider.

Branch Manager

  • Job responsibilities: A branch manager is responsible for overseeing all the operations within a particular branch of the loan company. Their duties include managing the staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, and meeting the branch’s financial and operational goals.
  • Leadership and management skills required: Effective branch managers possess strong leadership qualities that motivate and guide their teams. They also need excellent organizational skills to handle the branch's daily functions and challenges.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Job responsibilities: The CFO oversees the company's financial activities, including budgeting, risk management, and financial reporting. This role is crucial for setting financial priorities and strategies that will contribute to the company's long-term success.
  • Strategic thinking and finance management skills: CFOs must deeply understand financial management and strategic planning. They should be adept at analyzing complex financial data and making strategic decisions to enhance the company’s financial health.

In addition to these financial roles, loan companies have opportunities in non-financial areas such as marketing, human resources, information technology, and legal services. These departments are a must as they support the company in expanding its business, managing its workforce, safeguarding its legal interests, and enhancing its public image. 

No matter your expertise—whether in finance, creativity, technology, or people management—there’s a role for you in the loan industry that can leverage your skills and contribute to your career growth.

Are You Interested in a Career in the Loan Industry?

Whether you are starting to pursue your college education or want a career change, a career in the loan industry might be right up your alley. To get the best possible role—at a competitive salary—start brushing up on your data entry, statistics, mathematics, analytical, and IT (information technology) skills. 

You can even start by taking some basic financial courses or listening to financial podcasts to grow your knowledge base. Who knows, maybe you’ll even work for Cash Store someday!

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